The Wall of Shame

Landlords love to watch our records, so we watch them back. Here’s the worst of the worst.

Thicket Apartments, May Salvatierra, Narayan and Vishnu Jalan

We came across the Thicket and their abusive apartment management and negligent landlords through a tenant reaching out after a neighbor was flyering the area. Eventually, some 50 tenants signed a letter demanding that management promptly remove health risks posed by infestation, mold, and disrepair, install accommodations for handicapped residents as required by the ADA, and that they fire an employee that has been repeatedly accused by multiple women of sexual assault and harassment.

The following Monday, we were pleased to hear from property management that they will meet the majority of the demands until we learned that one of the main tenant organizers received an eviction notice, and that the employee accused would not be fired.

This is unacceptable. The landlords are retaliating against tenants that exercised their right to organize to demand livable housing for them and their families and neighbors.

The Thicket Property Management and Narayan and Vishnu Jalan (owner of the Thicket Apartments) have been served demands by tenants of the Thicket Apartments. Although management has agreed to some demands, they are still evicting and framing tenants illegally, as retaliation for reporting sexual assault, requesting wheelchair access and ADA compliance, and organizing.

The terrible reviews online don't do this one justice! The tenants cited lack of repairs, pests, inaction around sexual assault, non compliance with wheelchair accessibility. This nepotistic staff has no limit to how low they will go, they love evictions and regularly take advantage of eviction court's fast turnaround time. The landlords, Narayan and Vishnu Jalan, jewelers in LA, could not care less so long as they receive their slumlord profits. Because of their failure to meet all the demands tenants, we have to advise against renting at these apartments!