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Houston has a housing problem.

Speculators cause market disasters. Redevelopment firms try to dress gentrification up with human face, blind to the inhumanity inherent to this process. Racism and profit motives push people out, and drive segregation and poverty. The oil industry makes this even more tragic, putting the people at the bottom as close as possible to petrochemical plants which have the worst air quality.

Venture capitalists draw these lines and landlords are the front line of enforcing racial and class divisions. Landlord abuse is rampant and has no response; the city and state have few policies that truly empower tenants. The rent is too damn high, and it's time to organize.

We believe collective direct action is the most effective way we can fight and win, that means we are a tenant-led union which is democratically run by our rank-and-file and are independent of all other groups. Some of us are new, some of us are experienced housing organizers in town, all of us want to learn and grow with each other.

Houston Tenants Union meets the first Thursday of every month at the Montrose Center 401 Branard St, Houston, TX 77006, 7 - 9 PM, in Room 114. The space is wheelchair accessible and ADA complaint.

COVID-19 Update: the Montrose Center is closed until at least late May 2021. HTU General Assemblies now meet over Zoom. Please visit any of our socials or contact us for how to join our monthly public meeting.

Pictured: Houston's segregation, 2017

Let's make a tenant problem. 

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