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VICTORY! Justice for Rashid! Houston tenants mobilize against deposit theft

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

UPDATE June 15th 2020: After weeks of direct action the landlords capitulated to giving back $950.00 of the $1500.00 deposit. We consider this a win as the original amount was only for $300.00! As for the tenant, he has decided to join HTU as a full member and pursue the remaining $450.00 through a small claims court. Thank you for all of the community support during this campaign! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: During these extremely difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, many landlords are preying on vulnerable tenants and doing everything they can to put profits over our well-being. Security deposit theft is a common problem that tenants face, landlords often cite costs and repairs upon moving out that are either not beyond reasonable wear-and-tear, way overpriced, or not necessary at all. This is one of the many ways that management firms and smaller landlords close a margin and make their profits. Unfortunately, many tenants fall victim to this, not having the resources to get their deposit back or knowing where to begin. Rashid had enough of this and reached out to fellow tenants with this exact problem. Rashid is entitled to the entirety of his security deposit. Rashid also cites a long history of landlord abuse, chiefly refusal to make critical repairs on a timely basis, such as a broken A/C during the summer in Houston’s heat, which can reach 100 degrees for long periods. Rashid and his family deserve better. He has made all reasonable attempts to negotiate and resolve this conflict by other means. At 6:00 PM on April 26th, Rashid and a caravan of tenants in their cars gathered and visited the home of his now former landlord to demand the full return of Rashid’s security deposit. The message was made very clear by the caravan and delivery of demands, while the tenants maintained social distancing. A deadline of May 5th was set for the demand for the full return of his security deposit. This campaign is not over! Landlords should think twice before using the pandemic as an opportunity to exploit tenants and engage in deposit theft. Tenants are fighting back in a number of ways everywhere. Please check back for more updates as we get closer to the deadline. If you're experiencing deposit theft or other landlord abuses, please join us to fight back.

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