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Worst letters from Houston landlords during the COVID-19 crisis

Landlords have been trying to take advantage of vulnerable tenants since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. We’re not going to let them get away with it so easily. We’re not going to forget. Don’t rent here unless you have to, if this isn’t what you want to answer to! Below are the worst we have seen. Almost all of these are from a week before rent was due. Please contact us to us if yours should be on here. 1. “YOU MUST PAY RENT” There’s so much wrong with this one, we don’t know where to begin. Westview Forest Apartments: 10110 Westview Dr. Houston, Texas 77043 713-467-1719

2. Fat Property, a “Small Company” Almost anyone who has lived in Houston, especially around Montrose and Midtown, knows who Fat Property is and their reputation, referring to themselves as a “small company” for sympathy is absurd. They made the list of the top 5 biggest evictors after Hurricane Harvey! Small companies don’t do that! Fat Property 3800 Garrott St Houston, TX 77006 832-640-4444

3. “We’re including resources below...such as ‘Coalition for the Homeless’” We believe unhoused tenants are still tenants, and definitely mean no shade to Coalition for the Homeless, but some things go better unsaid. Karya Properties 8901 Gaylord St

Houston, Texas 77024

4. “You’ll fill out the paperwork this time, and all of you can touch this box for our safety” This may not seem as bad as the others but you know this letter was about rent, not anyone’s safety. AON Wakeforest Inc., Granite Clubs 8181 Colony Dr Houston, TX 77036 713-975-7020

5. “Everything you need to know about COVID-19, like PAYING US RENT” Clearly this landlord believes poverty and economic crisis is a matter of the tenant’s personal financial responsibility, and also that the most important thing they could possibly do is pay them. Have they considered doing any of these things? Country Club, The Axcell Group 950 Villa De Matel Rd Houston, TX 77023 713-923-9039

6. Pay rent or be locked out next week in a pandemic Karya Properties just can’t stay off our list. This one is especially heinous. Suddenly, they “will not longer accept partial payments”. The tone and word choice here is meant to strike fear and intimidation in tenants, especially the threat of the door lock. Texas law says that’s worthless and they must give you a new key immediately, and you don’t need to sign or pay anything. If not, your possessions are considered stolen. Don’t let them intimidate you into being homeless because it saves them time and money, get your key. The Steeples Apartments, Karya Properties 2151 S Kirkwood Rd. Houston, Texas 77077 281-558-6284

7. “CHINA VIRUS” We think it’s no mystery whom this property manager voted for.

That's it for now! We have more where these came from. Please keep sending these to us and expose them to us! And if you're a landlord and are now regretting this forever being in your name, think twice before trying to take advantage of people in a crisis!

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