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Heights Tenants Without Water Deliver Demands to Landlord’s Doorstep

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Tenants of a Heights building are uniting against their landlord who has decided to evict them instead of fixing the water.

Tenant reading demands at the landlords doorstep

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: HOUSTON, TEXAS— Jeorgeanne and all of her fellow tenants at a building in the Heights have been without water since the freeze in Houston, 2-1/2 weeks ago. They have been unable to bathe properly and have had to contend with constantly going back and forth to get water to drink, cook and clean with. Meanwhile, the landlord and property manager have spent the time sitting on their hands, doing nothing to fix the situation while their tenants suffer. Now, to top it off, the landlord and property manager have determined that repairs will be too expensive; so water will not be restored, but rather they have posted notice that they will evict all the tenants - in the middle of a pandemic! This action on the part of the landlord and property manager is cruel, callous and shows complete disdain for the health, well-being and dignity of the tenants.

Tenant unions in front of landlord's lawn

Landlords like this believe that they can act with wanton disregard for the tenants that they profit off of and get away with it. But there is power in a union! All the tenants stand united together to demand what the landlord owes them, and Houston Tenants Union stands with them. The landlord still has time to make this right, to fix the water and provide the tenants with the safe, secure and habitable home that they have paid for! The tenants are resolved and will not back down, the landlord must meet their demands immediately or face further action.

Tenant unionists in front of landlord's house

Houston Tenants Union is an organization of tenants in Houston, Texas, committed to collective direct action, independence and rank-and-file democracy. Houston Tenants Union launched in June 2019, initiated by tenant organizers who were previously a part of Southwest Defense Network, Third Ward Defense Network, 2100 Memorial Campaign, Industrial Workers of the World - General Defense Committee, and other housing/tenant and labor movement work.

group photo of tenant unionists

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