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Have you had enough of your landlord? Problems with your property management?


Stolen and withheld deposit? Rent hike you cannot afford? Landlord refusing fix your A/C or other repairs? Housing discrimination? Landlord trying to illegally evict you? It's time to organize.


You're not alone. Poor and working class people face these attacks every day in Houston. It is rare that we are able to find justice in the courts, or enough help from charities. Our friends and our families are going through the same problems.

However, as tenants we do have each other, and that counts for something. By coming together, we can fight back and demand what we are owed, apply pressure and win! Your problem doesn't have to be an individual problem, when you're under attack, it's a problem for us. Join us online or in-person every first Thursday of the month at The Montrose Center to get equipped to organize.

art by Seth Tobocman

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