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Justice for Nemo! Tenant Fed Up with Mold Delivers Demands to West University Landlord

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

A tenant, ignored by management and unable to live with hazardous mold, is taking the problem to their landlord’s doorstop.

Nemo and a tenant unionist at the doorstep of the landlord while other tenants stand behind them on the sidewalk

HOUSTON, TEXAS— Mold is a common grievance from tenants. Unfortunately, landlords like to push the burden of dealing with the hazard on tenants, even though the unit must be made habitable by law, especially in the circumstance that something like mold poses a serious risk to your health. Despite a note from a doctor, several requests and all due diligence, Nemo has been met with total inaction, and is now trying to leave. The property management seems to think that they are obligated to pay for a moldy home for their entire lease and is trying to charge them thousands of dollars to leave. This action on the part of the landlord and property manager is exploitative and wrong, and shows complete disdain for the health, well-being and dignity of the tenants.

Landlords like this believe that they can act with such cruel disregard for the tenants that they profit from and get away with it. But there is power in a union! Yesterday, Nemo went to the landlord's doorstep to demand what the landlord owes them, and the Houston Tenants Union stands with them. Nemo is not alone, we've been here before, and we're not about to let this slide. As Nemo told them at their door, "Your continued treatment of low income college students and young queer people in our community is unacceptable." The landlord still has time to make this right, to release the tenant from their lease and drop the charges! The tenant is resolute and will not back down, the landlord must meet their demands immediately or face further action. Nemo stated further: "These conditions are not unique to just myself, tenants just like us are experiencing inhabitable conditions in their housing all the time. I want this to show that tenants everywhere have the power and community support to demand the quality housing that we all deserve." Follow our social media for more updates on Nemo's campaign: Facebook:

Tenants crossing the road through West University on their way to the landlord's home

Houston Tenants Union is an organization of tenants in Houston, Texas, committed to collective direct action, independence and rank-and-file democracy. Houston Tenants Union launched in June 2019, initiated by tenant organizers who were previously a part of Southwest Defense Network, Third Ward Defense Network, 2100 Memorial Campaign, Industrial Workers of the World - General Defense Committee, and other housing/tenant and labor movement work.

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