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Houston Tenants Union meets the first Thursday of every month at the Montrose Center 401 Branard St, Houston, TX 77006, 7 - 9 PM, in Room 114. This space is wheelchair accessible and ADA complaint.

Contact Houston Tenants Union

Thank you for contacting Houston Tenants Union. One of our volunteers will respond as soon as posible.

COVID-19 Update

The Montrose Center is closed until at least late May 2021. HTU General Assemblies now meet over Zoom. Please visit any of the above socials for how to join our monthly public meeting.

Who We Are

We are a citywide organization made up of ordinary tenants who are fed up with landlords and are organizing to take control of our homes. If you are interested and willing to organize with your neighbors to fight for better conditions, we would love to assist you with guidance and resources! Here is a guide to get started organizing your building to form a Tenant Council, which is the best way to build lasting power in our homes.


If you are in need of advice about how to handle a specific individual situation, let us know the details and we will do our best to advise. Our organization is run completely by volunteer tenants, so keep in mind there is only so much we’re able to take on.

Legal Aid

We are not a legal aid service. If you are looking for legal guidance, you can reach out to these resources:

Breaking Your Lease

If you are looking for information about breaking your lease, we recommend reading this article: 

Financial Assistance

If you are contacting us to request financial assistance, that is not something we can provide unless you have been involved in tenant organizing with us.